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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  June 21, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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man and his wife attacked outside geno's steaks, the disturbing except made by this group of guys right before they attack the couple. and then this... >> keep believing because you never know, you never know for sure if you will get pulled out. >> a mission to inspire patience carter and tiara parker opening up about life after the orlando attack that left them both hurt. the message these brave young women want to you hear. >> they are in our studio this morning. plus police in kensington are investigating a double shooting, what witnesses say the shooter was doing with two guns in his hands. good day, it is tuesday, june 21st, 2016. welcome to "good day philadelphia" on this first day of summer. >> first official full day because it started yesterday evening, right sue.
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>> 6:34y felt it too at 6:34. >> there is a change. >> you always want to be ready to go at the moment were you born. >> what happened good what time were you born. >> early in the morning like 2:34. >> 1:00 in the morning. >> 3:00 in the afternoon, 3:40 in the afternoon. >> that sound about right good what is your point. >> i don't know. >> i felt a change come over me. >> all right. >> what were you waiting for. >> i was waiting for summer. >> i didn't feel it when it happened. >> i missed it. >> i felt the earth move, on my feet. >> and now the sky is tumbling down because we have thunderstorms throughout the area just you wait, ultimate doppler. >> this will be a bad day. >> you gave me a great segway, thank you. >> we have thunderstorms, look at that lightening, that just came through jersey shore and exiting off to sea and then this area that is up in the
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lehigh valley, not all of these thunderstorms are holding together but may get some rain. is there left over rain in the delaware beach these morning. we will take away lightening and see mostly cleared the jersey shore just a few drips and drops left over. we have humid conditions for many of us, temperatures are in the muggy 70's, have the umbrella like buddy does, a look at the airport this morning says 75 degrees right now with southeasterly wind at 9 miles an hour and more then are storms popping up later in the day. high of 58 degrees today. we may not get our heat wave, 66 with a few pop ups tonight. >> thunder boomer tuesday as the kids are probably watching us in bed with you this morning if you got hit with those thunderstorms. dogs's under the bed. here's an example of bethlehem with the clouds quickly turning black here on i78 and bam we are hit with the thunderstorms rolling through
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allentown. it is a game changer depending upon where you begin and end your trip and it is all about location and timing. looking good at conshohocken curve. dry as a bone no problems at all on the schuylkill expressway at least at the moment. band of storms hitting bucks county portions of route one, i-95, turnpike and that turnpike connection bridge. with the storms watch for weather delays down at philly international. mass transit looking good for the moment. mike and alex, back over to you. police are trying to figure out and find a bunch of guys involved in an attack at geno's steaks over the weekend. >> they say it happened after a woman asked one if they can have a cigarette. >> steve, what happened here. >> reporter: it happened, four years ago, remind you, showing you video, to you remember geno's isn't a big trouble spot but when trouble happens here it makes headlines, sometimes nationally. this will as well. do you remember rangers fan, the iraq war veteran off-duty
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cop from new jersey who came for the winter classic and then got attacked by a bunch of flyers fans? note thinks video was not that good and they caught these guys. lets get to the late's tack video here at geno's, this was two saturday'sing, coincidently same saturday night as the orlando attack and these five punks not counting would the -- would the man, bragged that they also with isis as they did the unmanly thing and first beat up a young with man. then when ladies husband stepped into try to stop it, they ganged up on him doing most of the damage from behind. all because another woman with this couple asked these five guys for a cigarette. now healed somewhat, patrick kane, he is 31, whole lot better looking now then did he that night. he has jacket and tayoun because he had come back from the wedding getting a bite to
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eat and his wife brooke got hit before him, because he said to these guys saying you are with isis isn't so funny of a joke. >> when we finish our cheese steaks we were getting ready to leave. girls we were with can i get a cigarette? the guys response was flew off the handle, he started yelling at us saying we don't know how are, we belong to isis. and i remember them saying that is in the something you joke b he said what makes you think i'm kidding. the let's just leave. you don't necessity whether they have guns, knives, whatever. i got punched in the nose after then before i could react i got punch in the back of the head and while i was bent over i got two upper cuts to the eye. i was down on the ground bleeding from my face, so i don't know what color their car was. i don't know how many cars or where they went. honestly, none of that. >> reporter: recognizing this woman is another way to catch
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creeps because she was with them and she drove one of the two vehicles that they ran away in with new jersey plates. in one unfortunately got numbers or letters. dark colored truck and suv. if you know the woman tip off police because she will definitely tip off her friends who claim they are with isis. i can't wait to see how that isis comment goes over in jail after they are caught. >> that would be interesting, yes, indeed. very recognizable people, that is for sure. it is clear video. we just had this in the news room out of kensington a man is in critical condition after shooting at b and east cambria street. it happened around 4:00 o'clock this morning. just two hours ago. shooter is still on the loose out there. police are investigating a double shooting overnight. eighteen year-old was found on east madison street just before 1:30 with the gunshot wound to the leg. he was taken to temple hospital in stable condition. a little later, a 23 year-old man was found shot in the back
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on g and allegheny streets, witnesses told police that the shooter had two guns and was firing both weapons at the same time. >> gun in each hand. a woman has turn herself into police, for that brutal murder. we first told but this last week, prosecutors have charged 39 year-old shavon armstrong, of wilkes barre, with murder, kidnapping and other offenses. a lot of offenses. police say she killed 26 year-old toy charta bryant and left her body on george's hill drive-in fairmount park. on june 14th, a couple found bryant's body was stabbed wound and a gunshot to the back of the head. that following morning. police want to know who beat a woman to death inside her ber win home. relative discovered body of 62 year-old denise barger, on friday. neighbors say barger lived alone on heather stone drive since her husband died in
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march. she recently sold the property days before according to friends and officials are still investigating what may have happened. anyone with any information is urged to call police. 6:08 on this tuesday morning. she's coming back to our studio there she is, in orlando, florida. she survived the terror at that night club shot in the leg during that massacre, she's our intern patience carter she's back in our studio this morning. it will be great to see her. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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they are sending six crisis response teams to orlando to ease pain affect by those what happened after a week after gunman opened fire inside an orlando nightclub. i keep mentioning this because i want to you hang around to meet her patience carter and her good friend tiara, they are back home in philadelphia, and they are going to be on our show just after 7:00 o'clock this morning. >> patience has describe how life has change after surviving that shooting. she also shared with us her journal signed by the president. >> yes. >> it is his autographed journal by the president of the united states, barack obama. so yes. >> one of the nurses in the hospital gave me this because she want to. >> reminds myself that i have to also take it easy, and take
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it one day at a time, i stopped believing that god could save me from that situation and i just wanted him to take my soul before i got shot again or before the entire bathroom was blown up, i stopped believing that i could get out of this. don't give up your faith. >> she didn't, that is for sure. patience and tiara, both say they want to share their message of having faith and holding on with anyone, having a hard time in their life. as i mentioned before they will be here in about an hour. >> can't wait to see patience again and meet tiara. >> 6:12. man accused of trying to kill donald trump and now in jail and tonight, how he is planning to end the candidates life. and sort of focus on having fun or playing, even. hey, playing is a lot of fun. ♪
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my sister kathleen as you know lives in new mexico and she sees she is flames and all this smoke, i talk to her yesterday. it is people in central, new mexico, forced to evacuate their homes due to this huge wild fire, they are going to be allowed to go back to their
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homes today, some of them. wild fire has destroyed two dozen homes as it raced across 28 square miles of dry forest, showing very little signs of slowing down but some people will be allowed back into the area today. fire fighters from los angeles counties are battling two huge fires that combined had burned more than 3500 acres of brush. >> country basically is on fire from southern california through arizona into new mexico. look at these flames. >> these images are from the second of the fires referred to as fish fire, it started yesterday afternoon about an hour and a half earlier, blaze referred to as reservoir fire started on a highway. fire fighters are battling fires on both land and in the air and this is wild fire season. >> it is, weather is not cooperating out there in southern california, sue serio. >> that is action on that side of the country. we he have a lot the to talk about here on ultimate doppler
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radar showing a line of storms clearing the coast of new jersey and new area that popped up around trenton lightening has gonna way in the lehigh valley and pocono mountains but this thunderstorm is an indication that we might have hail with it. is there the lightening. we will see a very heavy downpour just moving south/south east of trenton. the as far as jersey shore it got loud for a while but it didn't last very long and last of the rain probably around fenwick island there, and atlantic city just a few drips left over. as we go through rest of the day we were thinking we might make to it 90 degrees but we may not because we have more thunderstorms in the forecast for later on this afternoon after we heat up and get humidity around here. so now it looks like we will be in the mid 80's for later this afternoon, some places could still reach 90, if you don't get any thunderstorms. 87 degrees tomorrow, breezes, ten to 15 miles an hour and then another interesting weather day on thursday, with
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showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. now after this cold front we will take away humidity for friday and it looks good with a high of eight 46789 warming up over weekend in the 80's to around 90 on sunday and on monday. so, that is a look at your seven day forecast, bob kelly, we had weather in some places and new plane old traffic in others. >> we have a tire and debris here on 422, this is eastbound lanes of the 422 right between route 23 and trooper. as soon as you come over the schuylkill river bridge, right here folks in this left lane here. watch this. see how they have to go around it? okay. they are going in to what would be the right lane and these guys are squeezing right there all kind of stuff. what is tough these guys will just drive on by and roll over it. hopefully we will get an officer and penndot truck in there to kick it off to the shoulder. as those thunder boomers moving through accidents
6:19 am
popping upright behind them. southbound on the northeast extension at allentown interchange an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound at the philadelphia bensalem interchange. we are starting to see delays here south on i-95 from cottman in through girard avenue. we have weather delays throughout the day, but not just this morning but another round coming our way later on for the evening rush hour, mike and alex, back over to you. >> thanks, bob. grid lock on gun control. the senate rejected two gun control plans by lawmakers from new jersey. bob menendez and corry booker urge their collogue toss support their measures with what they say would keep guns out of the hand of the suspect terrorist and would have beefed up governmental background checks. four senate plans were on the table, each failed to get vote needed to pass in the senate. latest supreme court rule not to reinstate a law that gave groups like the national rifle association the right to challenge local gun control rules in court. commonwealth court overturn
6:20 am
the law last year the ground that the legislative process needs to make it, violated state constitution. amazing to me, just amazing. 6:20. a british man accused of trying to take a police officer's gun right out of his holster and shoot donald trump. this was in vegas. he has been denied bail. it happened at a rally saturday at treasure island casino. michael steven is his name, michael steven sanford as a matter of fact and he has been planning an assassination on trump for about a year and was ready to die in the attempt to do this. he is 20 years old. charged with the an act of violence honorary stricted grounds is the official arrest warrant. incident comes just days before a major shake up in the trump campaign. >> yep, excuse me. >> are you okay. >> yes. >> i have a cough drop.
6:21 am
>> you are going toking do what, burt's bees, they make a cough drop. >> i was shocked too but bob kelly gave to it me. >> yes. >> so anyway lets get back to this. is there a shake up in the g.o.p. here. republican party officials are watching for any changes in donald trump's strategy following his decision to oust his campaign manager yesterday afternoon and get a new one. >> trump says time has come for a change in direction something many of been demanding for weeks now. lewandowski understood move and that he still supports trump. in the meantime hillary clinton's search for a running mate is moving into a more intense phase, those on the short list, include massachusetts senator elizabeth warren, virginia senator tim kane, and housing secretary julian castro out of the state of texas. he has a brother, doesn't he,
6:22 am
the castro brothers of texas, they are pretty darn famous, they will be at the convention here in philadelphia in a month. >> coming up mid-july. 6:22. the phillies, i went to the game yesterday. >> how did you do. >> it was three to nothing arizona with no outs in the top of the first. it was fun. it was 95 degrees. phillies losing, terribly to the arizona diamond backs. the team's manager, he gives a reason, he says, my players can't hit. >> that is not good. >> no. >> in baseball in the good at all. >> not good. >> hardest thing in sports is to hit a 95-mile an hour fast ball. apparently it is. lottery numbers.
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let's run this down. phillies scored five runs losing all four games to arizona toned the home stan. phillies got swept out of at least six games for the first time since 196 , four another brutal offensive take yesterday. lets go to citizens bank park. the first age begins jeremy hellickson, in outs, one on, rbi single. there is a man on. the next batter, jake lamb, hits a bomb. he crush these ball. three batters in, phillies are down three to nothing.
6:26 am
for all intents and purposes it is over. the manager is trying to come up with a reason that they cannot hit. >> something tells me we're guessing too much. we are looking for a fast ball when we get a breaking ball and vice versa. that is something we have to get away from if in fact that is the contact is. >> cleveland cavilers arrived back in cleveland yesterday. they had a busy 24 hours after they won championship, they went from oakland, vegas, lebron comes home with the trophy. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. well, here's weather forecast, pouring out here in south philadelphia outside geno's and it was purring punches on women two weeks ago. >> we're here in tulleytown where a couple will be back in court on felony charges of child abuse, what could happen in court, after the break. hello!
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man and his wife brutally attacked outside geno's steaks. the disturbing comment made by this group right before the attack. and then this. >> every time i get to the book i read what he says. so every time i go in here i can live a dream. >> two good friend patience and tiara opening up about life after that orlando attack that left them both hurt. in the next hour these brave young woman are in our studio, our patience, our internist
6:30 am
back where she belongs. vandalism spree that stretches more than a mile in a local neighborhood what police are doing right new to catch the guy who left more than 100 flat tires in their wake. and it is a food bank, that a lot of local people depend on every day and right now demand is even greater, struggle organizers want to you know about so you can help. it is tuesday, june 21st, 2016. >> how are you this morning. >> i'm fine. i'm mike. >> i'm alex, nice to meet you. >> i'm a cancer. >> i'm a taurus. >> sue, what are you. >> i'm a thunderstorm watches. >> that is in august. i'm a leo just so you know. we have got some thunder and lightening that has dissipated but rain hasn't to the north of us, thunderstorms around trenton and a line of pretty fierce storms just moved through jersey shore. it is still raining there but not hearing thunder you heard
6:31 am
about earlier. you see some rain, one downpour, just north of upper ukeland township and then there is the downpour that steve keeley talk up but here just as quickly as it did. so have the umbrella with you. you may not need it this morning but again you may this afternoon because more thunderstorms are expect to pop up. it is kind of humid even if you did get a bit of rain, little bit on the muggy side. seventy-five right now. we're expecting a high of around 85, 86 degrees. scattered thunderstorms in the forecast and so is our sunshine. sunset time on this first full day of summer is 8:33 p.m. eye to the sky. >> with the eyes in the cameras we have everything from heavy downpours, we have the bridge. here's an example of the storms that you are mentioning on the move here. this is route one near pennsylvania avenue. right before you get up and over trenton makes bridge
6:32 am
there. so again, depending upon where you begin and end your trip, you have the heavy downpour, maybe a dry roadway or maybe even a soak roadway but after the storms rolled through we have popped up an accident. southbound on the turnpike right here near allentown interchange an accident westbound on the turnpike right here near philly bensalem interchange and we are seeing slow downs now on the schuylkill expressway, i-95, through the construction zone, some hit and miss weather delays, nothing major yet at philly international but as those storms move to the north and north east and impact new york airports, of course that will have a domino delay here in philadelphia steve has mentioned we are getting wet down there in south philadelphia. here's an example of the boulevard between camden and pennsauken where is there only one lane coming up and over that airport circle. getting soak downtown here as well after starting to see umbrellas pop up and maybe the wipers intermittently at least in the beginning of the storm and not heavy showers but just
6:33 am
a light drizzle as we line up single fire to make tonight to 30th street station. if you are using mass transit on a rainy day make sure you have the right schedule. they have put this a new timetable for all regional rails as well as buses and trolleys, back over to you. >> it was an innocent question that turned into a violent assault in geno's in south philadelphia. >> this happened ten days ago. police are searching for the man who they say beat up a group of friend who simply want sod cheese steaks. >> let's get to steve keeley right there by geno's with more object what happened here. >> reporter: not that our great viewers would need anymore incentive to tip off police about who these guys are because they beat up a woman, all right. but how is this for extra incentive, why they did that, they say they were with isis. look at this individual video. recognize these guys and call the cops and let them know they are wanted and maybe find
6:34 am
all of them this happened coincidently two saturdays ago the same saturday night of the orlando attack. so, while that gunman was telling everybody he is with isis, so were these guys here, in south philadelphia, at geno's steaks. five on one attack, first on young woman and then on a woman's husband trying to do what a real man would do and that is protect his wife from not so tough guys and fire guys because this five on one fighting was mostly done from behind on this guy, 31 year-old patrick kane, whose wife brooke, first got hit by these guys, when she felt the saying with isis was not so funny and it is a cruel joke. it began after brooke's friend asked juan for a spare cigarette. >> don't talk to me. you don't know who we are. why would you ask me that question. we belong to isis. like just flew off the handle. once we heard that like i said we were basically saying that is not something you joke
6:35 am
about. that is really ignorant, not funny. he said what makes you think i'm trying to be funny. then hand on the girls. once we were trying to separate and then calm everything down, just because i wanted to leave, i mean that is when i started thinking you don't know if they have a gun or a knife or clearly we're out numbered. this is not going to be fair at all. i got punched in the nose, when i was trying to settle things, let just leave. we don't know whether they have guns, knives, whatever. i got punched in the nose and then punched in the back of the head. while i was bent over i got two upper cuts to the the eye. >> reporter: no one got the license plate sadly but they did get a look at one of the drivers. it is this woman. she was with these guys this was before she got n1 of the two dark colored vehicles a truck and a suv both with new jersey plates. so if you know who this woman is, since she doesn't have a baseball cap on maybe more recognizable. that is why we're putting her
6:36 am
on. tip off police. she will likely tip off the cops herself, on the others, to avoid serious charges. so, they are not taking too serious these guys saying they are with isis, but alex and mike, we know how jail justice is, and they probably will take it more seriously once these guys are with the inmate population. can't wait to see. >> i would agree with that steve keeley. a man is in critical condition after a shooting at b and east cambria streets. it happened around 4:00 this morning. the shooter, still on the loose. lets stay in kensington also investigating a double shooting overnight there a 18 year-old was found on east madison street just before 1:30 with the gunshot wound to his leg. he was taken to temple hospital in stable condition. a little later medics found a 23 year-old man shot in the back on g anal gain streets.
6:37 am
witnesses told philadelphia police that the shooter had two guns, he was firing both of them at the same time, and one gun in each hand. a authorities are interviewing several of the two girls found with a publication county man. they are trying to find out hot girls are and if any crimes were committed against them in that house right there. fifty-one year-old, look at this guy, lee kaplan, is in jail facing multiple child sex abuse charges. investigators say he fathered two children with a teenage girl. she was given to him by her parents when she was just 14 years old. that couple, also had been charged. they are in jail. we have spoken to their son in lancaster county, the young man shared little information with us but explained kaplan, lee kaplan, has been a long time friend of his family. >> all i can tell you, he is a good father.
6:38 am
>> well, the son says he has not had think communication with his parents since they were arrested last week. neighbors say they owned a repair shop but the business went under. authorities say kaplan helped the couple out with money in exchange, they gave him their 14 years old daughter. unbelievable. that story has everyone wondering. happening today tulleytown couple accused of abusing their infant twin daughters, well, they will face a judge. >> the parents will answer to felony charges. dave, he is on this story in levittown. >> reporter: that is right. these are charges that really under score the severe of this case, it is a case that shocked so many people last month, here that couple will be facing a judge at 9:30 this morning on felony charges of child abuse. twenty-five year-old melissa shales and her 30 year-old husband michael are also facing aggravated assault, child welfare inn danger. and conspiracy charges
6:39 am
involving their twin girls who were two months old at the time, investigators say that one of the children suffered a broken leg so bad, that doctors told police that the infant could have died if she did not get medical care when she did to get over to saint christophers hospital for children. doctors also found indications of prior fractures on the second baby girl's legs, one of them had to be hospitalized for extended period have of time. melissa shales said she did certain things to get to the babies out of anger to get a reaction from her husband. sources say that a cloth was stuffed in the mouth of one of the babies, and that they tried to retrieve them with pliers. different issues went on here allegedly. there is told police that children were malnourished and one was not even within reach of firearms and ammunition a lot of concern about all of this they will be in court at nine credit 30 to face a judge on these felony charges
6:40 am
horrible human beings. coming up at 6:40 right now. >> two-year old boy killed by an alligator at disney world will be laid to rest today. the funeral for lane graves will take place this morning in his hometown of nebraska. a public memorial for lane will be also taking place this coming weekend because so many people felt for this family when they heard about this story. lane died exactly one week ago after a alligator dragged him into the water outside of a grand floridai an resort. well, strong rip currents have become deadly down the shore two women, drowned on long beach island in ocean county. the latest happening, this past weekend, officials say a 24 year-old woman was swimming with her boyfriend when she was pulled under by those rip currents. very strong. officials say there were no life guards on duty at the time. now they are issuing a warning to be careful the next time you head out to the beach there. be careful. 6:40.
6:41 am
fiat chrysler is in the spotlight following the death of a star trek movie actor. anton yelchin. >> the 27 year-old was killed when his 20 is a is grand cherokee pinned him begins a brick pillar and security fence. car was recalled earlier this year after drivers complained that they could not tell if they put the automatic transmission in park. in a statement f.d.a. offered sympathies to his loved ones but too soon to speculate on the exact cause of the accident. >> well, that is going to court for sure. 6:41. warminster police identified two americans of interests as they zero in on a vandalism spree. someone slash tires on cars in half dozens business as long a 1 mile stretch of street road early saturday morning. we told but this yesterday. security cameras from the chevy dealer show a vandal puncture 99 tires on 29 trucks and minivans. in all the suspect puncture as many as 200 tires and a
6:42 am
handfull of homes in that area causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage. all right. it is a food bank, that a lot of people depend on every single day and right now is there a man that has a struggle that he will organizers want you to know about so you can help this food bank. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
6:43 am
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let's do some traffic before the weather. good morning everybody. 6:45. looking live at downtown philadelphia here's a live look at the schuylkill expressway. yes, did you see a hint of some sun, popping through those clouds, and we've got a little bit of everything. mother nature's breakfast buffet here. we have had thunder boomers, wet roads, maybe a hint of sunshine, so it is a little bit of everything rolling out of the driveway. delays here south on the boulevard, stacked up from the kelly drive, down through this schuylkill expressway, here's a live look at the admiral wilson boulevard where from new jersey heading in toward pennsauken and cherry hill there is only that one lane opened on the airport circle. now as those thunder boomers rolled through, leaving accidents behind southbound on the pennsylvania turnpike
6:46 am
northeast extension an accident at allentown. also one westbound right here near philadelphia bensalem interchange. you can see sensors picking up slower than normal speed and then again that is all because of the storms moving through, they are moving through fast. sue will show you exactly where they are coming up in a couple of minutes. schuylkill westbound, delays from the boulevard out toward belmont. out to near trooper road. your bound your normal construction jam this morning. check weather delays at philly international whether you are flying this morning or this afternoon. another round of storms, is expected to hit us for the evening rush hour, and if you are using mass transit especially this afternoon make sure you have a current schedule. don't get stuck out in the thunderstorm waiting on the corner for a bus, little too early or miss that bus, regional rails, buses, trolleys all running with a new timetable. when will those thunder boomers hit for the evening rush? sue has got the answer coming up in 15.
6:47 am
it is hit, it is miss, it is here, it is there it is what we have got weather-wise this morning. this morning we see a lot of cloud thunderstorms that came through earlier at the new jersey shore but now we are watching pop up heavy downpours not necessarily with thunder and lightening but we will zoom in and we will show you this one storm that has pretty strong wind heading out of reading and heading toward pottstown and eventually lower providence, by about 8:00 o'clock, 8:05 this morning. so keep an eye out for that one. that has strong wind with it, if it holds together. and then we will see lightening around the trenton area, jackson township and heavy downpour there. again, fast, furious if you get one. now if we go over to the phoenixville area upper providence around chester
6:48 am
county and montgomery county and we will see some heavier rain, there. steadier rain as well. once again, a line of thunderstorms have just moved off the coast. will we make it to 90 degrees? we are expecting sunshine with our scattered showers and thunderstorms but now we may not get our second heat wave of the season. the computer models are indicating we will not make it to 90 degrees. showers and thunderstorms popping up in the day your day. if you didn't get one this morning you may this afternoon. it is your turn. fifty-eight today. eighty-seven tomorrow. sunny and breezy. pretty decent day on wednesday and then showers and thunderstorms return with another cold front on thursday, and then by friday, low humidity and looking great and warming up, again, over the weekend, so that is a look at your seven day forecast, more 90's in store for next week, guys. >> 6:49. police in kensington are investigating a double shooting, an 18 year-old was found just before 13:00 this morning with the gunshot wound to the led. twenty minutes later, medics
6:49 am
found a 23 year-old with a gunshot wound to the back. witnesses told police that the shooter had two guns, well, a gun in each hand firing like the old west. crazy. police gave fox 29 this surveillance video that we will show you of era salting a group in geno's in south philadelphia. >> this is ten days ago, saturday before last. >> men claimed to be associated with isis, before violently beating the man and slapping his wife. police say suspects got away in a dark colored pickup truck, suv with a female driver. 6:49. >> with the school year almost over i think some kid get out wednesday. >> a few left. >> thousands of children will not receive their free meals through school. >> but is there help. that means, that many of them may go a little bit hungry this summer. but is there help on the way, chris murphy, tell me bit. >> something you do not always think about. it school end and so does those free lunches. that means vacations for us
6:50 am
going down the shore but it can mean hunger for a lot of kid. food bank in south jersey assists 300,000 families during the school year providing free meals to those to meade them but when school lets out they don't have nutrition they need missing out on breakfast and lunch donations during the school bun decrease as well exacerbating this group wants to make sure its pant try stays stocked through the summertime. vacation time when people go away, and they want to get away from their jobs and have a good time. but we see the volume of food that we receive, go down. some he what we are trying to say is remember the time that does not take a vacation. >> foot bank offers many programs including providing of free lunches to local camps and day care. it always welcomes donations of non-perishable food items. for what they need and how you can help is there more information on our web site at fox great cause, guys. >> that is for sure.
6:51 am
>> yes. >> thanks, for. that. 6:50. in the next hour more than 150 artists team up against you tube, what they are asking congress to change to protect their music. this friday we're going to quakertown. so get ready, we're coming to see you. no word where we will be specifically but we will tell you. >> they have a main drag. we were there last year on the main drag. >> we will be on broad street, between second and fourth, the whole area. >> including third. >> so we will be right at third. >> but we will be stretching out from second and fourth street. >> that whole area. >> we will stretch out over a three block area. >> a lot of people showed up in quakertown. we need space. >> we had a lot of fun in quakertown last year so we decided to go back. we will take that mazda. >> the brand new one. >> oh, yeah, it smells good. >> yes, that new car smell. >> cx9, it is black, we will drive it to quakertown so you can look into it. >> we will see how long it will smell good because mike
6:52 am
did spent a lot of time in it. >> that is true. >> here's where we are heading the next several weeks. our big finally is friday july between the second at dell music center in fairmount park. so go on fox and signing up to win that mazda cx9, you can sign up once every 24 hours. here's the next places we will be going over the next several weeks. >> by the way, fish face. >> who are you calling fish fish. >> we will have live music at the dell. the family soul will perform live for me and you, and you. >> us too. >> yes. >> we will be part of that. >> speaking of music did you hear for who is coming for made in america. >> yes. >> september 3rd abe fourth. >> we will talk about it. >> yes. >> shut up and drive. >> yes.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
that is spencer. >> he is watching right now? happy birthday, spencer. >> yes. >> happy birthday. >> yes. >> starting the teenage years, look out, ladies and gentlemen. >> it is a big one. >> it is huge. >> front page of the paper. >> because this is big. >> made it made, made in america, baby. >> yes. >> rihanna. >> they have finally announced line up for made in america festival. >> it is budweiser's made in america festival, alex. >> true. >> rihanna and don't call me rehand, it is rihanna. >> and cold play. >> really. >> was that the super bowl. >> yes. >> super bowl. >> beyonce. >> yes. >> but it is cold play featuring beyonce. >> yes. >> so, lil wayne, jamie exhibition will perform and others. so many other people are performing.
6:56 am
two day festival will be of course on the ben franklin parkway labor day weekend september 3rd and 4th. tickets go on sale tomorrow. go ahead and get them. >> yes, rihanna. >> are you going. >> i really like rihanna. >> i like her new song too. >> what is it. >> sing it. >> i'm not singing ity just forgot it. >> new one with calvin harris, that i'm looking at you. >> there you go. >> i am like rihanna, you are what i came for, hey. >> you know that song. >> hey. >> calvin harris, he is one that split up with taylor swift. >> or taylor swift split up with him. >> he is a dj, producer. you should know her songs before you go see her. >> who, rihanna. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> i'm so exited to do that. >> that is a big crowd, it is hot. >> it is not hot in early september, it will be hot. prepare yourself. you have to hydrate.
6:57 am
wear clothes that are loose. >> yes. >> you never wear shorts. >> i had shorts on yesterday. >> at the phillies game. >> lets get out to dave kinchen, what do you have. >> we are monitoring a court hearing that should start later this morning with two people, a couple, wanted for felony child abuse charge is a begins two infant children we will tell but that after the break. fuel economy? are we moving? where we going? it's the answer to the question baby! silverado. oooh that's cool. it's truck month. qualified buyers get 0% financing for 60 months. plus, find your tag and get $8,250 total value on this silverado all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer
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grand canyon and glacierger than national parks combined.
6:59 am
and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at
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i don't know why he it escalated like that. >> all out brawl, video too graphic to show on tv police are looking for the people who started it after being asked, a simple question. >> keep believing because you never, never know for sure if you will get pulled out of that. >> two survivors of the or land owe terror attack back home in philadelphia with a new outlook on life. fox 29 intern patience carter and her friend tiara parker join us in the studio to talk about moving forward from the a tack. >> a major shake up, donald trump says you are fired to his campaign manager as his poll numbers slip. what the change means for the future of trump's campaign. and taylor swift, paul mccartney and more than one hundred other artists teaming up to


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